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The GW conference looks great. We will publicize it to the 3500 people on the list of the Vietnam Peace Commemoration Committee, most to watch on C-SPAN but you may attract some live audience.

The last thing you want are speaker suggestions, but the opening section of your post honoring David Harris leads me to note the absence of expertise or agenda on the role of the antiwar movement. You might consider adding Dr. Carolyn (Rusti) Eisenberg whose book about Nixon and the antiwar movement has just been published by Oxford. We did a webinar with Rusti and Arnold (Skip) Isaacs in December. . They made a similar presentation for the Quincy Institute.



I noted your link to the 50th anniversary of the Peace Accords on January 27. I am recently back from participating in observances of that anniversary in Hanoi that took place early because of Tet. No doubt you also realize that your conference occurs on the eve of the anniversary of the actual ending of the war, April 30th. We also organized a webinar with eyewitness perspectives of that date by Nayan Chanda, Claudia Krich and myself. Claudia and I were working for the American Friends Service Committee, she in Saigon and I just having arrived in Hanoi.


Having seen your name for years, I hope to meet you at the GW conference.

John McAuliff

Fund for Reconciliation and Development


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