My sense David is that KKR is not buying to mess...If I were in the acqusition business myself, Pegasus would be a good buy for a major company.

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You are still capable of explaining complex things... of which the goings and comings in publishing seem to me to be a bit of an endangered species short of digital. By implication you address the issue of corporate ownership versus iconic, smart individuals with a stake emotionally and financially...The number of family-owned media companies in broadcasting can be listed on one hand, but might need two hands for the print side.This list excludes Murdoch for his dismissal of the fair dinkum aspect of Aussie life. Tiven

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So Peter !

What happens under KKR to smaller imprints like Pegasus who published my last book A Red line in the Sand? They are an S&S imprint (distributed by S&S)!

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