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Indeed a must-watch event! I still recall the Belgrade Conference of 1977 establishing then CSCE, which I covered for The New York Times. It was certainly an epic event, and my first major story as the newly-installed East European bureau chief of The Times (based, in those days, in Belgrade). Arthur Goldberg was the head of the US delegation, still smarting over his ill-conceived decision to accept the 'deal' offered by President Lyndon Johnson to leave his lifelong post as a Supreme Court justice. Larry Eagleburger was the newly-arrived US ambassador. And the rest of the European & American delegations were equally memorable. The results only became known as the years went on, the Iron Curtain fell, and the OSCE outlasted them all. Just yesterday, I was in touch with their 'Observer' delegation monitoring the elections in Kazakhstan. It is an organization that continues to prove its value unceasingly! So, Bravo Peter !!

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