Good, smart tour of two states that have come a long way up from the oppressive, humiliating and third-world-level economic conditions of Jim Crow, 1962. I'm no expert on what life was like for blacks in 1962 Mississippi/Georgia/Alabama, but I do know that the old Jim Crow South of 1948 was much worse. The details were first told to readers of the white North by a Pittsburgh star newspaperman who spent the month of May in the Deep South disguised as a black man. What Ray Sprigle wrote in his pioneering first-person, angry 21-part series shook up the entire country. Here's more info about this forgotten undercover journalism mission and a link to his original series, which is still timely and powerful today. https://clips.substack.com/p/undercover-in-the-land-of-jim-crow-676

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